Vlogging in 2017 — New Plans for the Channel

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It’s been 5 months since I’ve blogged here, and about a year since I did my first daily vlog experiment with the “Morandom Topics” vlog.  So, I decided it is time to dust off the old video editor and get a few thoughts and ideas back up on the web.

I doubt my vlog will be daily, but it will be more consistent, and covering more specific topics and information (less morandomness).

In today’s video I share some of the new plans for my vlog, and give you a sneak peak on what I’ll be talking about on the next couple videos.

Spoiler Alert: weight loss and nutrition.  #notveryspoily

Click below to watch the video.


I’ll be pushing out more consistent content soon, but to start I wanted to just say “hi” and get things rolling.

Ready?  Me neither.

Let’s do this!

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