Re-Learning to Pack

It has been a while since I’ve travelled. Almost a year. (Thanks 2020.)

And as I prepare for a short journey I’m realizing that my ability to pack for minimalist travel is a muscle that has somewhat atrophied.

Back when I lived in China and was traveling every month I became really proficient at packing very lightly. Not even just one bag. Sometimes just a sling for several days in another city.

I think this is a result of two things:

When I travel regularly I am in the mindset and have recent experience of travel. I already know exactly what I’ll need and not need.

You forget that you’re supposed to pack for what you definitely need and not what you might need. There is a huge difference.

I’m glad I started my packing a couple days early because I’ve already been able to make a few reductions, and tonight I will be making some more.

I’m looking forward to traveling more in the future and continuing to fine tune my minimalist travel. My ultimate goal is to get everything I need for a 3 month trip down to just one bag. And everything I would need to relocate to another location to just one bag and a small roller.

What I actually need is pretty minor. I just have to keep the right perspective in mind as I work to scale down my things.

Photo by Amy Shamblen on Unsplash