Questions to Ask When Procrastinating

  • “Does doing this contribute to your long term vision and goals in life?”
  • “Will doing this allow you to perform at a higher level with those tasks you need to do?”
  • “Did you already finish at least 3 of your most important tasks for the day?”
  • “How much better would you feel if you were able to do this without knowing you have other things to do?”
  • “What is the pain or discomfort you are avoiding by doing this thing?”
  • “Will you regret having done this a year from now?”

If it is something I have decided to do, then …

  • Set a time limit. Make sure Siri or Alexa have an alarm set so you can stop. And then actually stop.
  • Focus on it. If you’re going to do something “fun” (or funner) then at least put your full intention into the activity. Don’t be distracted from your distraction.
  • Enjoy yourself. Feeling bad about doing something doesn’t accomplish anything either. Don’t beat yourself up over your decisions.

Image by Anemone123 from Pixabay