001: Welcome to Walk the Pla.net

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Podcast Show Notes

Itʻs the first episode of the Walk the Pla.net podcast! That means it is time to introduce the overarching themes of the podcast and the WTP blog.  Itʻs a relatively short episode, but if you want to get a good grasp on whether or not this is the next podcast to add to your feed, then be sure to check it out!

Quick Podcast Notes

In today’s episode of the Walk the Pla.net Podcast …

  • I share what the WTP podcast is and why I started it.
  • You find out the questions that spark the desire to start Walkabouts.
  • You learn about Walkabout journeys and the mindset necessary to start one.
  • I talk about how location and learning about a place fits into a Walkabout journey.
  • I share thoughts on language learning and becoming communicative in a language.
  • You learn the importance of cultural arts training in learning about a place, their language, and their culture.
  • I share the role of community service in a Walkabout journey, and how it is necessary to become a true participant in a culture and society.
  • You get an introduction to “Essential Challenges”.
  • I share information about my December Essential Challenge to reduce my clothing to around 30 items.
  • I share information about my upcoming Walkabout journey in Hawaiʻi to study Hawaiian, learn the ʻUkulele, and help the local community.

Links Mentioned

The following are a few of the links and items mentioned in the podcast:

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