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  • My Current Japanese Study Process

    My Current Japanese Study Process

    So, now that you know my background with the Japanese language it is time to share what my current methodology is for learning and studying Japanese. Truthfully, my method is a constantly moving target. I tend to adjust things slightly from week to week or month to month. So, this is really just a snap…

  • My Japanese Language Experience

    My Japanese Language Experience

    My history with the Japanese language

  • Hitting the Wall

    Hitting the Wall

    Why hitting the wall can be a good thing

  • 漫画で勉強する事


    今日は日本語を勉強するために漫画を読む事について書きます。 もしもっとペラペラになりたければ漫画の方があんまり役に立たないと思います。そのために日本語で話したり日本語を聞いたりするのはもっといいと思います。 でも、もし読む能力を上げたければ漫画を読むのはすごくいいです。なぜかな?漫画は漢字にふりがなが書いているから漢字がもっと習いやすくなります。たくさんオノマトペもあります。オノマトペの使い方はちょっと難しいですね。。。 漫画には「よつばと!」と「しろくまカフェ」がいいと思います。言葉はわかりやすくて、日常の日本語があって、話が面白いです。 それでは、漫画で勉強してみましょうか?

  • はじめましょう。。。


    今日ITalkiの先生に「もしもっと長い文を話したければ、どんな勉強方法がいいですか?」と聞きました。 「書いてみる」と言いました。 だから、今日から日本語の日記を始めます。 絶対たくさんまちがえると思います。 でも、大丈夫です。上手になるためにまちがえを心配しなくてもいいです。 頑張ります!

  • Language Classes

    Language Classes

    This is a part of my Language Learning series. What are language classes? I realize that asking this question might seem silly. Most of us already have an idea of what language classes are since we are all forced to take them as some sort of elective requirement in school. But what I mean is, what…

  • Speak From Day One

    Speak From Day One

    This is a part of my Language Learning series. What is speaking from day one? This method of language learning was popularized by Benny Lewis, “The Irish Polyglot”, who was one of the earliest language learning bloggers. He has a pretty massive following and this approach to language learning is focused on overcoming the most common…

  • Studying Grammar

    Studying Grammar

    This is a part of my Language Learning series. What is studying grammar? The idea with this approach to language learning is, if you understand the rules of a language, then you will be able to better craft a sentence, and you’ll be better equipped to understand what you read and hear. I have purchased grammar…

  • High Frequency Word Lists

    High Frequency Word Lists

    This is a part of my Language Learning series. What is a High Frequency Word List? The basic idea of a high frequency word list is based on the fact that the majority of words used in a language are limited to a small subset of the total words that exist in the language. The…

  • Language Learning Methods

    Language Learning Methods

    I’ve been thinking recently about the various methods of language learning that I have used over the years. So, I will be writing about a few of them in the coming days mainly as a way to codify what they are and how I feel about them (at the moment). And, perhaps this will be…